About Fuckup Nights Toronto

Hey there! Thanks for coming to our website. We’re glad we got your attention, but we want you to know that we’re not just about bad words – we’re all about sharing lessons from professional failure.

Fuckup Nights Toronto is a speaker series and community that’s part of a growing global movement, sharing stories of business failure. The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we tell them all.

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Fuckup Nights happen in 300+ cities and 84+ countries.

Back in 2012, in Mexico, Leticia Gasca realized that her business had failed. Rather than keeping it to herself, she decided to share her failure with four fellow entrepreneurs. The conversation flowed thanks to many rounds of a traditional drink called mezcal, with the friends all openly reflecting on their business screw-ups.

The process would later be repeated by the group, inviting others to join in the ritual of sharing business failures. Today, Fuckup Nights happen in 300+ cities and 84+ countries.

Marsha Druker Founder Fuckup Nights Toronto

Marsha Druker, Founder & Director of Fuckup Nights Toronto

Fuckup Nights Toronto was founded by Marsha Druker, who went to her first Fuckup Night while living and working abroad in Tel Aviv. Before this event, she’d never seen people tell stories of failure so openly. It was refreshing and inspiring, and resonated with her on a deep level.

When she returned home to Toronto, Marsha was shocked to find that a Fuckup Nights chapter didn’t exist here yet and was inspired to launch it herself. She figured it would be pretty ironic to fail at something called “Fuckup Nights” (she’s never planned an event before), but, went for it anyway, and that’s how Fuckup Nights Toronto came to be.

Fuckup Nights Toronto events feature amazing speakers, great food and drinks, and a tribe of people who are on a journey towards embracing failure for the beautiful thing that it is. The vibe is authentic and raw, letting our speakers and community be vulnerable in a safe setting free of judgement.

Failure is a product of action, entrepreneurship and creation. It’s also what makes us HUMAN. We’re here to break down stigmas, and amplify the message that failure is healthy and essential to learning and growing.

Join us at our events and jump in the conversation under our hashtags: #FuckupNightsTO and #ShareTheFailure.